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by Fluentrics German


Our civilization as we know today, we were the part of great Aryan tribe who had migrated from central Asian lands to our Indian subcontinent in 2700 BCE.

Highlighted key feature of Aryan tribe is the sanskrit language in which all of our scarce literatures was written. subsequently all the northern indian mother toung’s were derived from sanskrit, this is the well known fact.

Most of the people what doesnt know i.e fractions of aryan tribe not only moves to the indian subcontinent but also moved to european continent, where same aryan tribe reside ,settled, & flourished.

The contemprory german language as we know is also belong to this very indoaryan liquistic group. it is very well evident from the fact that various german words trace its origin to very sanskrit language of ours.

Thus learning German language is like getting to know our long lost relative, also learning the language provide us complete pictures of our own civilization with the lost missing pieces.

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