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Most preferred foreign language by Indian students is the German language. Career opportunities are increasing for those students who have fluency in German language.

Career scope of German language In different job role such as translator and interpreter, engineering jobs in India and Germany, Tourism industry, hospitality and aeroflight sector. Having command over German language makes you eligible to grab job opportunities in India and abroad.

The German language popular in India. German is the third most popular foreign language taught worldwide and German has between 89 to 110 million native speakers after French. One main reason behind that is “first move advantage.”

Several decades back their government initiated to promote German in India. The first “Max Mueller Bhavan” was opened in Kolkata in 1957. Since it is second most popular foreign language in India. You will find many popular resources to learn this fascinating language. Developing relation between India and German

Relations between the India and Germany have been traditionally strong due to commercial cultural and technological co-operation. German speaking countries together make the largest economy in Europe. India is one of their increasing markets and the reason why German language transforms German interpreters and German trainers have been now-a-days in demand. Command over German language will definitely help you stand out from your looks.

Learning German language can be a great investment from the point of view of developing a career

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