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German Class!

The A2 course is your next step towards becoming more familiar with the language. You will be learning ho to express yourself in A2 adequately familiar situations. Course includes an in-depth knowledge of text book, workbook with grammar worksheets & exam Preparation.

At A2 Elementary Level German Class, our mission is to create a fun, interactive, and supportive environment for our students to learn German. We believe that language learning should be an enjoyable experience, and we strive to make the process engaging and effective. In our A2 Elementary Level German class, you can expect a well-structured curriculum that covers essential topics, vocabulary, and grammar points. Our experienced and passionate instructors are committed to helping you develop your language skills through various activities, exercises, and conversations.

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Course Highlights


Course Curriculum

Contextual Studies

  • Self-introduction
  • Describing about school, family, work
  • School system in Germany
  • Expressing Leisure activities
  • Making & cancelling small appointments & meeting in the office
  • Telephonic Conversation
  • Planning vacation or small trip
  • Bunch of new Vocabulary
  • Expressing your situations in past
  • Describing situation with the help of various pictures.
  • Expressing assumptions, opinions & disappointments on familiar topics.
  • Writing SMS & emails/letters.
  • Listen & understand day to day conversations.


  • New verbs
  • Conjunctions (because, therefore, in spite of…..)
  • Genitive case
  • Degrees of comparison
  • Relative clause
  • Subjective forms
  • Modal auxiliaries in past
  • Adjective endings
  • Prepositions
  • Negations
  • Perfect tense
  • Interrogative article
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To enroll, simply fill out the registration form on our website or visit our center during office hours. Classes are limited in size to ensure personalized attention and effective learning.


Success Story on Google

shreyas inamdarshreyas inamdar
14:12 19 May 23
This is the best institute for German. There are many mock exams as well as practise papers that are taken by ma’am before exams, from which I have benefited a lot, and apart from that, the environment in the class is very chill.
Omkar WanjaleOmkar Wanjale
08:14 19 May 23
Since last 10 months I have been with fluentrics. I have completed my A1, A2 and currently learning B1 with akanksha mam. I must say no one can find best german class than fluentrics and about the mam there is no word. She always enthusiastic and looks on every student in the class. Because of her I found german easy and interesting . I am also looking forward to complete B2 level here 🙏🏼☺️
034 Om Kawade034 Om Kawade
11:28 18 May 23
The best german class at sinhagad road. I am very lucky that I am learning german language from this class. And here we are learning german (new language) faster than school. Thank you mam for teaching nicely.
Suraj KumbharSuraj Kumbhar
06:13 18 May 23
Fluentrics is the best place to study German. I did A1,A2 and currently doing B1 level now. Akanksha mam is the best teacher who motivates us everyday to learn more. She gives her 100% and that's what makes Fluentrics the best ........
Janhavi NagaleJanhavi Nagale
15:37 17 Apr 23
It is the best german class in pune. I have finished A1, A2 level from fluentrics. Now I am learning B1 here. Akanksha mam always takes effort to teach every student. Just because of her i took interest in learning german